Specialised Finishes

Selecting the right finish for a project is a task that shouldn’t be underestimated. When chosen well, a specialised finish can increase aesthetic appeal and improve various aspects of performance. But prioritising these factors while maintaining the end functionality of the wall, ceiling, or floor can be challenging.

Specialised Solutions
At CIM, we have worked in some of the most iconic buildings in London and are adept at advising clients on specialised finishes that will improve their finished projects. From Barclays and BP to small start-ups, we give every client the same attention to detail.

Our wealth of knowledge includes how different finishes will perform in different environments and how the products are produced. This knowledge gives us a greater understanding of how products can be installed or customised to achieve our client’s requirements while achieving the best performance.

Comprehensive Fit-Out Packages
CIM can offer this service as a stand-alone service to occupied offices or as an additional service to a suspended ceiling or partition install project. We provide the following solutions:

  • GRG moulding sections and cornices
  • Acoustic plaster finishes
  • Polished plasters
  • Acoustic soffit treatments
  • Acoustic rafts, baffles & ceilings