Design Development and Building Information Modelling (BIM)

At CIM, we have the technological capabilities to offer a complete design service that utilises the latest 2D and BIM modelling software. We can develop initial design concepts through to practical project completion using Building Information Modelling systems.

BIM Service
Your BIM model is a technical 3D model that shows all the visible and hidden elements within your building. It provides a single source of truth for design, construction and operations.

Building Information Modelling offers the following benefits:

  • Design with real-time data
  • Reduce project uncertainty and risk
  • Enhance service coordination and conflict detection
  • Prevent expensive mistakes and wasted materials

The BIM Modelling process uses specialist software and data models from which the team can create, share, and collaborate on 3D models, producing detailed plans and 3D visuals. Using this process, we can ensure a streamlined construction process.

Speak to a team member to discuss BIM options for your next project.